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Let's Collaborate with us, Jakarta Experience Board

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The one thing that distinguishes Jakarta, is its stories. As we pay attention, every part of the city holds unique stories. Listen to the people and the music, reverberating on every corner. Spoil your taste buds in a culinary adventure on street-side vendors or atop the highest skyscraper. Revel on the beauty of its history and culture woven in between the bustling city life. 

Take deep breaths of the ocean, or the pungent fish market wafting on the north side, and then stroll down textile shops in the central. Use the senses and immerse in every corner, connecting and weaving everyone together. Feel its stories in one heartbeat. 

These experiences shape Jakarta Experience Board. We’re here to develop Jakarta’s tourism system, with one goal: to offer, show, enhance, and share many unforgettable experiences for Jakartans and for the world. 

As DKI Jakarta's BUMD in the tourism and hospitality sector, the Jakarta Experience Board (JXB) has various service products and services aimed at developing and driving Jakarta's tourism and creative economy sectors. 

JXB's products and services are realized in various business units, including hotels, catering, events, public space activation, outdoor media to rental and asset management. 

So let’s discover the true experience of Jakarta, with Jakarta Experience Board. 

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