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Excitement of Jakarta's Birthday Celebration at Malam Jaya Raya!

Festival   2024-06-25   Download

Jakarta recently celebrated its anniversary in grand style, drawing thousands to the iconic Monas Monument for the Malam Jaya Raya event. 

The festivities included performances by top Indonesian musicians like Band Gigi, Wali, Budi Doremi, Cakra Khan, Siti Badriah, Nella Kharisma, and Sandhy Sondoro, delighting the crowd with diverse musical genres. 

The event also featured entertainment from the Si Doel family, the Abang None Jakarta fashion show, a decorated car carnival, a stunning fireworks display, Monas video mapping, and a bustling night market. 

The celebration highlighted Jakarta's rich history and culture, creating a joyous and memorable experience for all attendees.